Thermal Imaging
Fever Detection System


Available for US and International Delivery

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Non-Invasive, High Volume Temperature Screening

Fever Screening for Workplaces, Airports and High Traffic Areas

Scans and Gives Alerts

Next-generation technology to help 
put your staff and customers at ease.

A solution where you can screen people for higher temperatures with pinpoint accuracy.
Protect your workplace or public area.

How the System Works:

IRIS Q’s high-accuracy camera measures skin surface temperature as individuals walk through your entrance. Its wide-angle lens works continually, in real time, 
as people pass by.

Temperatures above your predetermined threshold are immediately detected.

The system automatically saves the image of the individual with the high temperature and displays  an alert on the laptop (as well as an optional sound alert). This enables you to quickly detect people who are running a fever, even if they are not aware of it.

This non-invasive, non-contact method of screening large groups of people makes it easy to detect those with an elevated temperature, with minimal disruption.

In situations where social distancing is not possible, this device helps to protect your staff and the people they interface with.


The Iris-Q equipment has only been in service at our facility for close to a week. But it was easy to set up and is operating very well.

Debbie and her team were very responsive and professional. My only suggestion to her was to increase the length of the wire harness used to connect the camera to the laptop.  [Note: 16 foot connection cables are now available.]

One of the key features, that some of the other equipment we looked at did not have, was the autosave. This allows a recorded record of the temperature and potential temperature incident.

 At this point I would recommend the Iris-Q to anyone that needs this type of equipment.  

  • KM, in charge of security at L’Oréal factory in New Jersey